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Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

This medical weight loss procedure involves endoscopic suturing device to reduce the size of stomach. It is an ideal weight loss technique for patients with body mass index (BMI) of over 30. This procedure leads to significant weight loss by limiting the food intake. ESG recreates the occurrences of sleeve gastrectomy without the need of surgery. Moreover, there is a reduced risk of operative complications as this procedure is minimally invasive.

How It Works

The medical procedure is performed by an endoscope. This endoscope is a flexible tube with a camera attached with suturing device. The endoscope is inserted down the patient’s throat up to the stomach. The doctor can see with the camera and perform the medical procedure inside the patient’s stomach. Using the endoscope, 12 sutures are placed in the stomach and change the base structure of patient’s stomach, to restrict the amount of food intake. This medical procedure eliminates the need of making any incisions.


With Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty approximately 60% to 80% of excess weight loss is reduced by enhancing satiety and diminishing appetite. This procedure also help you lose weight and potentially lower the risk of serious weight related problems like high blood pressure, sleep apnea, Type-II diabetes, heart diseases, and stroke. However, a healthier lifestyle will ensure permanent weight loss and long term success.

Endoscopic Revision

Over the time, some patients who already had bariatric surgery may experience the gradual stretching of stomach. It can hamper their weight loss efforts and can also lead to weight gain. Endoscopic gastric revision procedure helps in regaining the weight loss benefits of bariatric surgery. The physician evaluates the size of stomach through endoscopy and considers the reason of gaining weight before conducting the revision procedure.

How It Works

This procedure is minimally invasive and conducted under general anesthesia. After the patient is administered with anesthesia, a flexible scope is passed into your stomach through your mouth and the device place sutures to reduce the stomach size or stomach outlet. The procedure enables you to feel satiated with less quantity of food and then after, you can restart your weight loss efforts.


Endoscopic gastric revision can be done safely and effectively to get good weight loss results. It is a safe revision treatment strategy for patients who have not got good results after bariatric surgery. This surgery also has a very low complication due to the non-surgical approach.

Swallowable Gastric Balloon

This is a new and advanced technique under which a balloon helps to lose weight without any invasive surgery. The procedure involves a special balloon which needs to be swallowed, then the balloon is filled with water while it is in the stomach. This reduces the volume for food in the stomach and is highly effective in losing weight. Unlike gastric surgery, this balloon is a temporary measure and bursts in the stomach after 16 weeks of placement, the filled water is released and balloon itself is excreted.

How It Works

The swallow-able gastric balloon is a safe technique to lose weight over the time The balloon is swallowed, just like a pill, and is attached with a long thin tube. The doctors confirm the balloon in the stomach with the help of ultrasound and it is then filled with water through the attached tube. After the completion of this procedure, the tube is detached from the balloon and is pulled up from the throat. This non-invasive procedure leads to reduced stomach size that leads to less food intake and enhanced satiety.


The technology of swallow-able gastric balloon is excellent and limits the size of the stomach for food and helps change the eating habits of people. The results of this procedure leads to significant amount of weight loss. However, the balloon stays for temporary period in the stomach. It is important to maintain a healthier lifestyle for a sustainable weight loss result.