Endoscopic Revision

Endoscopic Revision

Over the time, some patients who already had bariatric surgery may experience the gradual stretching of stomach. It can hamper their weight loss efforts and can also lead to weight gain. Endoscopic gastric revision procedure helps in regaining the weight loss benefits of bariatric surgery. The physician evaluates the size of stomach through endoscopy and considers the reason of gaining weight before conducting the revision procedure.

How It Works

This procedure is minimally invasive and conducted under general anesthesia. After the patient is administered with anesthesia, a flexible scope is passed into your stomach through your mouth and the device place sutures to reduce the stomach size or stomach outlet. The procedure enables you to feel satiated with less quantity of food and then after, you can restart your weight loss efforts.


Endoscopic gastric revision can be done safely and effectively to get good weight loss results. It is a safe revision treatment strategy for patients who have not got good results after bariatric surgery. This surgery also has a very low complication due to the non-surgical approach.

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