Swallowable Gastric Balloon

Swallowable Gastric Balloon

This is a new and advanced technique under which a balloon helps to lose weight without any invasive surgery. The procedure involves a special balloon which needs to be swallowed, then the balloon is filled with water while it is in the stomach. This reduces the volume for food in the stomach and is highly effective in losing weight. Unlike gastric surgery, this balloon is a temporary measure and bursts in the stomach after 16 weeks of placement, the filled water is released and balloon itself is excreted.

How It Works

The swallow-able gastric balloon is a safe technique to lose weight over the time The balloon is swallowed, just like a pill, and is attached with a long thin tube. The doctors confirm the balloon in the stomach with the help of ultrasound and it is then filled with water through the attached tube. After the completion of this procedure, the tube is detached from the balloon and is pulled up from the throat. This non-invasive procedure leads to reduced stomach size that leads to less food intake and enhanced satiety.


The technology of swallow-able gastric balloon is excellent and limits the size of the stomach for food and helps change the eating habits of people. The results of this procedure leads to significant amount of weight loss. However, the balloon stays for temporary period in the stomach. It is important to maintain a healthier lifestyle for a sustainable weight loss result.

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