Complex Bariatric Revision

Complex Bariatric Revision

Bariatric revision surgery is performed to either repair, change or enhance a previous weight loss surgery. This surgery is suggested for patients who experience less-than-optimal level of weight loss or regain weight after undergoing any of the bariatric surgery. Bariatric revision surgery can also be performed if patients experience complications from an initial bariatric procedure.

How It Works

This surgery is helpful for correcting complications from a previous weight loss procedure or for enhancing weight loss results. Surgeons perform revision procedures laparoscopically. Patients may need to have open surgery if their initial weight loss surgery caused extensive scarring.


The results from a bariatric surgery revision may vary between patients.And the reduction of weight from this revision is generally less than the initial bariatric procedure. However, many patients who initially experienced a lap band surgery can expect significant weight loss after a conversion to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.

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