Robotic Revision

Robotic Revision

People who have already undergone bariatric surgery and are still not satisfied with the results, then, in such cases, revision surgery is suggested. Patients may experience dissatisfaction in weight-loss, any other complication or weight regain.
Let’s explain it here, there are some patients who may experience enlargement of stomach pouch after undergoing gastric bypass. In such cases, surgeons may revise this surgery and reduce the size of the pouch to bring back to the normal one.

How It Works

Using high-end robotic instruments, this procedure becomes easier and less time consuming for doctors. On the other hand, it is less painful and assures quicker improvement in the near future. It allows bariatric surgeons to perform revision surgery using computer-guided, magnified, 3-D visualization.


Robotic revision is performed safely without increased morbidity and with the added benefit of a minimally invasive approach. The robotic platform provides superior ergonomics and three-dimensional vision. Patients can get satisfactory results in weight loss after robotic revision surgery.

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