Today we will look at an important issue which is one of the most burning topics – type 2 diabetes and its management. In recent times, with an increasing number of type 2 diabetes patients in every family, India has become the world capital of type 2 diabetes. India and China took together have the greatest number of diabetic patients in the world. Treatment of type 2 diabetes is largely dependent on drug therapy and insulin therapy. Most patients, across the world, specifically in India, are dependent on medical therapy which includes hypoglycaemic drugs, the drugs which cause a decrease in the blood glucose level, and insulin therapy. However, there are certain situations where sugar-lowering drugs, i.e., the drugs which normalise sugar, and insulin therapy are ineffective. Thus, even after taking the right medication and treatment for type 2 diabetes, the patient has a higher blood glucose level and develops complications in various parts of the body such as the eyes, lungs, brain, nerves, and heart. All these complications give rise to complex symptoms and damage multiple organ systems of the body. In such situations, despite the drug or insulin therapy or the lifestyle modifications, if, in case, the diabetes is uncontrolled and cannot be treated then an alternative of metabolic surgery can be performed for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

What is Metabolic surgery?

Metabolic surgery is a laparoscopic procedure and is now being readily used for treating type 2 diabetes in individuals who have uncontrolled type 2 diabetes and who have tried all medications and insulin therapy but the sugar levels are not decreasing and multiple organs are being damaged. To understand what is metabolic surgery and how it helps in treating type 2 diabetes by lowering the blood glucose level, please follow up with our upcoming post: Metabolic Surgery and Its Effective Management.

Author: Mohit Bhandari

Mohit Bhandari is a renowned Indian bariatric surgeon and globally recognized for his contribution in Laparoscopic and Robotic surgeries.

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