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Diabetes Surgery

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The medical issues of obesity and Type-II diabetes are on the rise. This explains the direct relationship between weight and glucose levels. Diabetes surgery is helpful in long lasting weight loss and significantly control diabetes. This procedure is also helpful in normalization of concentrations of plasma glucose, insulin, and HbA1c in morbidly obese patients. This surgery is considered for people having uncontrolled diabetes, and have body-mass index (BMI) greater than 28. This procedure not only results in weight loss but is also effective in maintaining the glucose balance.

How It Works

There are various bariatric procedures that help is remission of diabetes like gastric bypass, mini gastric bypass and ileal interposition. A surgery of the type is chosen after analysing the patient history and condition. In this surgical procedure a part of the intestine is bypassed to reduce your eating capacity. During the surgery, GLP-1 hormone is secreted in large quantity, which counters the insulin resistance of diabetes.


Diabetes has remained a chronic and progressive disease, which leads to many other health related problems. The patients with Type-2 diabetes and morbid obesity usually experience a complete and durable diabetes remission. Consequently, the resolution of diabetes after this surgery is strongly correlated with the effective weight loss results.