Arm Lift

Arm Lift

An arm lift is also known as brachioplasty. This surgical procedure involves reduction of excess skin from the upper arms. It tightens and smoothens the tissues that defines the shape of the arms. This surgery is recommended for you if you have sagging underarms skin that appears as excess fat.

How It Works

The length and pattern of incision in an arm lift surgery depends on the location and amount of excess skin which needs to be removed. These incisions are usually placed on the inside or back of the arm. Next, the excess fat is treated with liposuction. Then, the underlying supportive tissue is tightened with internal sutures. After tightening and reshaping the tissue, skin is smoothened according to the new contoured arms. The incisions are closed with stiches or absorbable sutures, that will be removed after few weeks of your arm lift.


The smoother and tighter curves resulting from an arm lift surgery are apparent almost immediately after the procedure. The results are mostly long-lasting and provides you a general fitness and stable weight. However, it is natural to lose some firmness with ageing, but most of the improvements are reasonable permanent.

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