Face Lift

Face Lift

A face-lift is also known as rhytidectomy. This is a cosmetic surgical procedure, performed to reduce the sagging or folds of skin on the jawline, cheeks and other areas that shape the face. This procedure is conducted to get better and younger appearance. In this surgery, flap of the skin on face needs to be pulled back and the tissues altered to get a youthful face contour. The excessive skin is also removed surgically to reduce the sagging and fat deposits in significant manner.

How It Works

This procedure involves elevation of skin and tightening of muscles and tissues. The face and neck fat can be sculpted, redistributed or removed in this procedure. Then after, the facial skin is re-draped on the newly positioned face contours. The wounds are taped or stitched after the completion of procedure. The facelift choices depend on the degree of change you want to see in your face. A traditional facelift incision usually begins from the hairline and continues around the ear ends in the lower scalp. The second incision is done under the chin for improving the aging neck. There will be some signs of incisions for couple of months but it fades over the time.


The face-lift procedure gives a youthful appearance to your face and neck. The facial skin usually begins to droop and this procedure provides an improvised appearance. A face lift is expected to last for 10 years.

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