Lower Body / Thigh Lift

Lower Body / Thigh Lift

Thigh lift surgery removes the excess and unnecessary skin from thigh areas and results in proportioned contours of lower body and thighs. A surgical lift is recommended for you if your weight control efforts have failed to deliver results.

Who is a good candidate for lower body surgery?

You are a right candidate for thigh/lower body procedure, if you:

  • Have excess soft tissue around the inner and outer thigh region
  • Are an individual with realistic goals in context to accomplishments of thigh lift surgery
  • Are a non-smoker
  • Are an individual committed to healthy lifestyle
  • Are healthy individual who do not have any medical conditions that can impair healing after the surgery
How It Works

Inner thigh lift incision:

Thigh lift involves placement of incision in the groin while extending it downwards and wrapping around the back of the thighs. Another technique involves removal of excess skin from the groin to the knees with the help of incision and inseam. This procedure requires an incision only in the groin area and the surgeon will further determine the appropriate treatment.

Outer thigh lift incision:

The outer thigh lift improves the external contour of thighs that require an incision from groin to the hip and around the back. However, the incisions are placed strategically so that there are no visible scars on the body. The deep sutures are performed within the underlying tissues to support the newly formed curves.

What should I expect when recovering from my thigh lift?

After the completion of thigh lift surgery and during the recovery period, the dressings may be applied to the incisions. Sometimes, it also requires to place small, thin tubes under the skin to drain the excess blood or fluid after the procedure. The specific instructions will be given to:

  • Take care of the surgical site(s)
  • To apply or take oral medications for encouraging the healing process
  • To be aware about specific symptoms at the surgical site or in your general health
  • To periodically follow up with your surgeon

The results of this procedure are mostly visible on an immediate basis. However, the final results may take several months. After the procedure, the quality of skin also gets improved in feel and appearance. Some scars may remain, but the overall results of thigh lift procedure are long lasting. However, you need to maintain a stable weight and general fitness to achieve desired results.

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