From 125 Kg to 67 Kg

It is disturbing when you are a college going student, but you don’t look one. I was a least preferred candidate for any co-curricular activity due to my odd body. I became a person of low morale and shattered hopes. I was hopeless about my case until one day my teacher, who was battling obesity trauma for long, suggested Mohak to me. The detailed question-answer session and expert advice at Mohak Bariatrics and Robotic centre helped me taking the wise decision of surgery. I never expected that getting a normal body was just a surgery away. With my head held high,
I enjoy the attention in my social group now. Mohak did that wonder to my body, a big thanks to Mohak.

Author: mbohra

Mohit Bhandari is a renowned Indian bariatric surgeon and globally recognized for his contribution in Laparoscopic and Robotic surgeries.

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